Tips on choosing a minor

Coming into college and choosing a minor could be an extraordinarily hard venture, especially if you’re undecided and have yet to declare a major. When choosing a minor here are some questions that you should consider before making that heart-wrenching decision.

1.  What are you interested in?

This is one of the key questions you need to answer before choosing your minor. This will dictate every class you encounter throughout your minor coursework, and also if you will be able to complete all of said coursework. You have to choose a minor that you will be interested in, do not settle for less.

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2. Does it overlap with your major?

Choosing a minor that overlaps with your major may very well make your collegiate career a little easier. Since the classes will ultimately have something to do with your major, you may also be able to use them as major coursework and finish school early.

(If that’s what you want to do)

3. Does it actually offer any classes that you’re interested in?

As you go further through schooling, you may realize that course names and/or descriptions don’t crack up to what you define them as in your head. While it’s important to choose an interesting subject, it’s also necessary to pay attention to the description, get a rundown on the class from fellow Panthers, or meet with the professor about it before registering.

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4. Are you able to easily get into those classes?

This is very important, if you’re not able to get into the classes then you can’t take them, which may leave you behind. Even though that is pretty self-explanatory, it’s easily avoidable. Do your best to avoid it!

5. Could it help your potential career in the long run?

A college is a temporary place in life, so everything you do while in college should be able to benefit your future in either a light or very impactful way.

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6. Would you be able to make a good (passing) grade in that class?

Now…if you know the classes for the minor you choose are going to be too ”hard” or leave you with no time to complete the assignments, do not choose the minor. PLEASE…do yourself a favor!


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