Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

One of the most romantic times of the year is upon us and I am here to make sure you are ready to give your partner the best gift on budget! Yes, I know it’s a little awkward having Valentine’s Day fall on a school night, but that’s why you should be prepared. Here are few great discounts that Georgia State offers to make your Valentine’s Day gift one to remember:

1. Tickets to sporting events

Chances are that at least one of the two of you are completely infatuated with sports. So, why not go out and surprise them with some tickets to a future game! Georgia State offers discounts for various sporting events such as futbol (Atlanta United home games) and basketball (Atlanta Hawks home games).


2. Romantic movie date

If you’re a film student like I am, then you know how special seeing a good movie with your significant other can be. Take them out to see a romantic movie at Cinefest or Regal Cinemas. We offer discounts for both. *wink wink*

3. Skyview it over the city

There’s nothing more romantic than taking a Ferris wheel ride over the beautiful city of Atlanta at night. And guess what? We offer discounts for that, too!

Centennial Park at night

4. Under the Sea

This could possibly be one of my best ideas yet! Hear me out on this…THE GEORGIA AQUARIUM! There’s nothing more beautiful than sitting together watching a whale shark swim right in front of your face. Now, if your significant other’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day then that’s a free date for you, but if not then we have a smooth discount for you at the information desk in Student Center East.


Thanks for allowing us to be your Valentine’s Day plug and checkout all the discounts on the Student Center website!


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