Can I get a Venti Mocha, no stress, with an extra shot of motivation please?

What does your coffee order really mean?

By: Johnny Self


When I walk into Starbucks on Peachtree Street, I don’t exactly say “Can I get a Venti Mocha, no stress, with an extra shot of motivation please?” Usually, I just want a quick fix to keep my energy running. Let’s face it, as college students, we all get stressed easily and attempt to avoid any additional tasks that could prolong our days; admit it. But does a person’s coffee order really reflect their personality or mood? If I’m not mistaken, you are probably thinking of your coffee order right now, right? And you are probably wondering why you order that specific drink. What the heck does it mean?! My gut feeling tells me you have never thought twice about it. Which is good! Because I have done my research and created my very own coffee selection personality chart.

Ready? Take a sip:

(click image below)

Design by: Johnny Self


Those were just a couple of examples that I came up with. Is this true? Does it really make sense? Can your coffee order really reflect your personality or mood? Christmas is approaching and pumpkin spice and eggnog flavors are coming. Do these flavors appeal to you this time of the year? Why? Is it because you are in a holiday mood?

I rest my case,

- jselfthedesigner

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