What it’s Like to Transfer

I’m often told that I have a lot of school spirit, especially for having transferred to Georgia State University. People tend to assume that students only transfer here out of necessity, which is not always the case. Sometimes transferring provides a step-up, and other times it’s all a part of the plan.


I’ve had my heart set on being a filmmaker from a very young age, and Georgia State had always been one of my top picks. Georgia State provided the education and flexibility, all within a city with a plethora of possibilities. I knew no matter where I went there would be core classes to get out of the way. So instead of jumping right in, I decided to use a community college as a stepping stone.

Georgia Highlands College provided me the ability to finish core classes without causing me to uproot–I didn’t have to worry about where I’d live, I was able to stay at the same job and I had more time to work on personal projects. I eventually became the editor on the student newspaper and landed an awesome creative branding internship with Mohawk Industries…but that time was never meant to last. Filmmaking was calling me to Georgia State.


mohawk_grouppic_crop-to-printTransferring is typically known to be quite a hassle, but the process was all pretty smooth and welcoming. Once I was admitted I met with my adviser, and I knew I made the right choice.

Before I even sat in my first class I was in organization meetings and finding ways to participate on campus, and joining Alpha Epsilon Pi multiplied those efforts.

Giving out awards at Alpha Epsilon Pi's 7th annual Battle of the Bands at the Mammal Gallery

Giving out awards at Alpha Epsilon Pi’s 7th annual Battle of the Bands at the Mammal Gallery

I didn’t transfer to Georgia State expecting a state-of-the-art film lab to rival universities on the west coast. I came here and found exactly what I hoped for, opportunity. Atlanta is a booming city that is still soft clay, and Georgia State gives you the opportunity to shape it — if you think Atlanta is lacking something then you have the ability to change that.

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