D2L: When textbooks are passe

“So, finish up your assignment and upload it on Desire2Learn by 11 p.m., next day of class,” Dr. Wong said. “What if we don’t finish it till then?” someone asked. “Well, it won’t accept your assignment after the deadline!”

Imagine, being rapped on the knuckles by a learning repository! “Of course, I won’t let it do that to you,” Dr. Wong added, with a wink.

In spring 2013, Georgia State moved to a new online learning management system called Desire to Learn (D2L). Professors across a range of disciplines, from business intelligence to human resources, have adopted it beautifully. They say D2L offers instructors the flexibility of mixing and matching materials toward designing a complete, relevant, up-to-date course.

I’m taking two classes and both of my professors have uploaded a ton of material on D2L and done away with traditional textbooks. Apart from a $7.50 download of case studies from study.net, I did not have to spend a fortune on the latest editions of two or three text books for any of my classes. For MGS 8020, Dr. Wong has literally uploaded parts of different books on business objects, database management and various papers from different sources that discuss the different software he teaches in his business intelligence class. We’re learning MSAccess, SQL, Minitab, Cognos and the list goes on… Imagine buying a book for each one!

Our human resources professor too has uploaded a host of materials and done away with the textbook for MGS 8300. When I last checked, just renting the textbook would cost me $89. Also, this semester I didn’t feel the need to camp out at the library or park myself at Barnes & Noble, because all the relevant material was already posted on D2L by the professors. So, it does seem to be a time-saving blessing in disguise. Yay! maybe I’ll give in and sign up my kid for that spring camp at Atlanta Zoo!

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